Bitcoin vs The Dollar. The battle for the global reserve currency is beginning to heat up!! The US Dollar has dominated the global scene, and currently is the world’s reserve currency. But Bitcoin is looking to take its power away, and become a stateless currency accepted in every corner of planet earth. The Future of money is Bitcoin, and the powers like the Federal Reserve and US government will not go down without a fight. The currency wars have begun, which one will come out on top??

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction
00:32 Bitcoin Featured On CBS News 60 Minutes
00:59 Federal Reserve Takes Shots At Bitcoin: Lael Brainard Thoughts On BTC
01:53 My Thoughts On Brainard’s Words Against Bitcoin
02:38 The US Dollar Is Doomed: Federal Reserve & US Goverment Is On The Attack
03:00 Brad Sherman Introduces Anti-Crypto Bill
04:28 My Thoughts On Sherman’s Words Against Crypto
04:46 The US Dollar Is The World’s Reserve Currency
05:16 How The US Dollar Got It’s Power: Bretton Woods Agreement
05:56 US Abuses The Bretton Woods Gold Standard
06:14 Charles De Gaulle’s Words About The US Dollar’s Power
08:02 President Nixon Unpegs The Dollar From The Bretton Woods Gold Standard
08:42 This Has Caused Mass Inflation of The US Dollar
09:42 What President Trump Had To Say About The US Dollar “Printers”
10:14 Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Is Starting To Be Considered By Global Central Banks
10:41 Bitcoin Will Become The Global Reserve Currency

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