I have heard it said, by some, that the Church is part of the problem in a lot of these issues. I know that, to a certain extent, this is true. We are all subject to sin at times. But, God’s plan is to use the Church to bring light to dark places. To bring flavor when the zest of life has turned acidic. To bring solutions, given by the power of the Holy Spirit and His miraculous ways, when there seems to be no way forward.

Here are a couple of ways to bring the light:

Perspective:  Do you see God working through all of the events of the day? Do you take each breath with the understanding that the breaths we take are all a gift? Do you understand how the things we do, or do not do, impact things spiritually? We are called to live with a heavenly perspective.

Perseverance and patience:  We cannot allow the troubles of this world to shake us out of the fight. We are not called to do nothing until something better happens. We are builders, disciple makers, healers, and worshipers. We are not guaranteed that the good will come in our lifetime. But we are guaranteed that God wins it all. Waiting for God to move is actually a common part of His plans.

Deeper Relationships: People have always been a priority to Jesus. People need to be a priority to us as His followers. How we step out and engage with people is incredibly important. When you reach out, especially when led by the Holy Spirit, it can change things in a big way. 

So, I am calling all Christians, members of my family, let’s be a part of the solution! Let’s reach out and love people. Let’s be victorious in this season and allow other people to share in those blessings. Let’s stay engaged and involved and not afraid to shift the light towards our savior. He can make a way. He wants to use us to do it. Do not give up on prayer. Faith can move a mountain and there are some mountains that need to be moved! You are a part of the solution because you represent the Savior of the world!

Candace Cortez is Executive Pastor at Koinonia Church. She can be reached at candace@kchanford.com.

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