A successful social media marketing strategy will help you in all the necessary steps that you need to take to remain relevant and dominate the market. Proper social media management will help you to attract followers and engage your fans in various ways. The main objective is to convert your audience into customers.

By Kimberly Clark

With the currentsocial media developments, you need to adapt to various marketing strategiesfor optimal performance. With adequate practice and patience, you can grow yourbrand’s social media presence and engage with the right audience that can boostyour business performance.

These seven tips will guide you on various ways to improve your social channels.

1.Post Timing and Frequency

Try to make posts at regular intervals and check for their visibility, clicks, favourites, and likes. You can collect metrics that identify the best engagement time. With the findings, you can determine the best timing and the posting frequency for your target audience.

So,what is the perfect day or time to post? This is a question that has had many people scratchtheir heads trying to figure out. Generally, it would be during weekdays.Sometimes, weekends and holidays can work well for your social media posts.However, that will depend on the audience you engage with and the channel youare using.

B2Bwould need to create eye-catching updates on social media when most people areat their workplaces. Your audience and viewers are more likely to check themfor entertainment, marketing, and other purposes during their leisure time.

Hootsuiteis a social media tool that is available to help you schedule and automateupdates, offering you a freemium for three social networks. Besides, you caneasily pre-schedule the posts while monitoring all of them from the dashboard.

2.Build Relationships, Not Just Followers

Asolid social media strategy can foster a long-lasting and loyal relationshipwith your customers and prospects. Social media networks help you build yourrelationships by taking those available opportunities and personalizing theexperience for optimal performance.

Sincepeople want to know the brand they are following, it is ideal for reachingpeople from outside social media to follow your channels. Relevance isessential in building relationships. You do not have to always post ads onsocial channels to acquire new followers or subscribers. With a link building agency, you can improve brand exposure and acquire more targetedtraffic to subscribe to your channels.

3.Improve Engagement with Video and Image Content

Viralcontent on social media has always involved video and image content, whosepages improve conversion rates more than ordinary text-based content. Withimages or videos on your posts, many fans are more likely to retweet thecontent. Shared content increases social media visibility and audience.

Youcan use tools like Periscope, Windows Movie Maker, and Wistia to produce videocontent. With these useful tools, you can create video content for both nativenetworks and real-time publication.

Youcan as well employ free tools to design professional images for your socialmedia channels. Canva has been my first choice because of the features includedin the free version. You can create charts, memes, quotes, presentations, andinfographics.

4. Developa Multi-Channel Approach

Youraudience is more likely to follow you on various social media channels. Youneed to engage them on the various networks you are using. Your followers knowthat your brand exists on various channels, and they want to learn somethingnew when they come across your posts. However, each social network is uniquefrom the rest – including how people use them to consume information.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Itis vital to always use a unique approach when creating content for variouschannels. What works for Twitter can (and will) fail you terribly if you try iton Instagram, for example. The use of images, hashtags, or snippets can boostyour visibility on some networks. However, inadequately using the features, ormisusing them can cause you more harm.

Whileyou can use so many hashtags on social networks to expand your reach, sometimesyou may end up being spammy and your content getting ranked low. For example,on Instagram, you would be better off using five or six hashtags than somebody using 30 of them.

Seta budget for buying sponsored posts on social platforms that go beyond yourexisting fan base and reach a wider audience. With ads, you can target aspecific demographic group of your choice. The audience choice helps you totarget consumers who are more interested in your business model. For example,it will be useless to sell maternity dresses to men aged 60 – unless they buyfor their daughters.

5.Share Quality Blog Content

Social media users prefer to follow high-quality content that increases engagement and conversion rates. You should start by creating engaging blog posts on your site. Share them on your social media channels so that your audience has something to direct them to your site.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

With the help of the research team, you can share-worthy content that will go viral, getting you more users in the form of shares, favourites, and likes. More content on your social media channels helps you to be more audience-focused. Let your followers know that you are out there to satisfy their hunger and thirst, and help them find the content that they are looking for on the social platform. You can also curate content from top brands and authority websites so solidify your brand persona.

6.Double Traffic Via Robust Social Strategy

Youneed to pay extra attention to research and develop new strategies to get youthe desired results. Re-promote your content more than once, increasing your message’s chances to reach out tomany social network users from different time zones.

Youcan double your social media traffic if you post more than once every one ortwo weeks. Avoid daily automation posts that are more likely to be repetitiveto your followers. Instead, adopt a social media calendar. Post at differenttimes for each social account you have for your brand. If you have to retweet,for example, count that as a post for the day. If you plan to reshare yourcontent, skip one ordinary post for another day.

7.Actively Engage Your Audience

How you engage with your audience on social media speaks volumes about your brand. Social media is all about connection. Let your followers know that you care more about them. You can ask your audience to sign up or leave feedback at the end of your post. Keep the call to action messages concise.

Image by monicore from Pixabay

Youcan also ask your followers to comment on your posts, share with their friends,or vote on your polls. The polls help you better understand your audience sothat you can improve your content to stay relevant in the market. Sharinguser-generated content and replying to comments assures your followers that youcare about their concerns.


Socialmedia networks have reshaped the marketing field. You connect with real peoplein real-time, which helps you to understand your market and create productsthat meet consumer needs. Social media engagement is vital for brand growth andconversions. However, since each network is unique, you need to learn the aptapproaches to improve your online presence.

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